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What are the Steps I Should Take After a Truck Accident?

If you’ve been involved in a collision with a large truck or commercial vehicle, you’ll need to protect yourself physically and legally. Here are the most critical steps to be taken after a truck crash:

  • Stay At the Scene Of the Collision
  • Call 9-1-1 For Emergency Services
  • Check Other Vehicles For Injuries if Possible
  • Take Photos, Capture Videos & Record Audio of Evidence
  • Exchange Contact Info, Insurance Details, Drivers License # and Vehicle Info With Other Drivers
  • Don’t Making Any Statements About the Crash
  • Get Your Case Evaluated By a Lawyer
  • Follow All Medical Advice & Attend All Doctor Appointments
  • Report the Accident To The Police, DMV or Other Authority
  • Begin Legal Action By Filing a Lawsuit Timing Is Critical.

How Do Truck Accident Claims and Lawsuits Work?
When someone gets injured in a truck accident, it begins with filing a truck accident claim. These then are the basic steps of a lawsuit:

  • Sign a written agreement with a truck accident law firm
  • Be sure to only communicate through the truck law firm
  • Discovery: the collection and investigation of the evidence
  • Delivery of the injury demand letter
  • Negotiation of a fair settlement
  • Go to trial by judge and/or jury when negotiations fail

How Do I Get Compensated for My Injuries After a Truck Accident?
If you’ve been injured in a big rig collision or similar, you may deserve compensation for medical bills, lost wages, lost future earning potential, pain and suffering and more. When you file a claim for your injuries and consult with a truck accident lawyer, you’ll most likely begin a lawsuit against the trucker, trucking company and/or insurance company. You are compensated for your damages when a winning settlement or verdict is reached in your case.

What Are the Most Common Types of Truck Accident Cases?
Semi-trucks, buses, delivery vans, tractor-trailers and fuel trucks are among the most common commercial vehicles involved in truck accident lawsuits. Parties that have been injured as a result of a big rig collision will often file a claim and begin a lawsuit alleging that negligence occurred on the part of the truck driver and / or company and caused the collision and injuries.

How Does Vehicle Maintenance Affect Truck Accidents?
Commercial trucks are required to uphold federal compliance for maintenance standards and it’s the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that regulates commercial truck safety. Nonetheless, common carriers can and do sometimes evade or ignore federal law in order to save money, and as a result, accidents involving truck maintenance issues occur.
Some common maintenance issues that affect trucking safety and collisions include:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Headlights
  • Steering
  • Tow Hitch Defects
  • Lack of Inspections
  • Unsecured Loads

When Is A Commercial Vehicle Driver Considered Negligent?
Negligence occurs when there is a failure to exercise reasonable care in one’s actions, and as a result, someone is injured or damaged. For a commercial vehicle driver to be found negligent, it would need to be proven that the driver:

  • Owed a duty of ordinary care
  • Breached that duty of ordinary care
  • The breach of that duty of care caused injury or harm to another
  • The harm caused financial losses

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