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What Does a Patient Transporter Do?

A patient transporter moves patients and equipment from one place to another within a hospital or healthcare facility. As a patient transporter, your responsibilities include assisting patients out of vehicles when they arrive at the hospital and taking them to registration, lifting patients on and off their beds for therapy, and moving them from their rooms to treatment areas. Patient transporters also pick up and deliver equipment, supplies, and lab samples to various stations around the hospital. Keeping the patient safe and comfortable during the relocation process is vital to this role. What Do Patient Transporters Wear? Like most medical and healthcare professionals, patient transporters usually wear scrubs. Scrubs are loose fitting and comfortable cotton shirts and pants; these uniforms are often provided to employees by the hospital or practice. In larger hospitals, scrubs are color-coded by department to make it easy to tell which division an employee works in. You may be required to wear protective coverings, like caps, gloves, and masks when transporting patients. Since you spend many hours on your feet moving throughout the facility, investing in sturdy, comfortable, and supportive footwear is a must.
How to Become a Patient Transporter
Patient transporters spend the majority of their shifts on their feet and need to be able to lift patients, so make sure you have the physical stamina for this position. Though some patient transporter jobs require an associate degree or vocational certificate in a related field, most patient transporter jobs provide on-the-job training. Your training includes the basics of patient care and ethics and how to operate transport equipment safely. Becoming a certified healthcare transporter through the National Association of Healthcare Transport Management may increase your chances of being hired. Network with the hospitals and healthcare facilities in your area to find leads on job opportunities.
What is the work schedule like for hospital patient transporters? The role of a hospital patient transporter is typically a full-time, hourly position. Hospitals are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which may require patient transporters to work various shifts to help support patients. As a result, individuals in this profession sometimes work shifts during nights, weekends and holidays.
What is the work environment for hospital patient transporters? Hospital patient transporters work in hospitals, which can be a high-pressure environment. These professionals may transport patients to and from emergency rooms and potentially follow strict schedules to ensure patients receive the care they need. This role can also be physically demanding because hospital patient transporters spend most of their workdays standing and walking while moving from area to area and transporting patients or supplies. The job may also require physical strength when lifting or otherwise assisting patients.
What is the job outlook for hospital patient transporters? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not have a specific job outlook for hospital patient transporters, though it categorizes this role under "nursing assistants and orderlies." The BLS projects this category to grow 8% through 2029, faster than the national average 4% job growth rate for all occupations. A higher growth rate can demonstrate more job opportunities and potentially more stability for individuals who work in this profession.
What advancement opportunities are available for hospital patient transporters? A hospital patient transporter represents an entry-level medical industry job. These individuals can find numerous advancement opportunities, often by pursuing additional training or education. When working in hospitals, they may identify career paths that interest them and ask their colleagues or conduct research to learn the professional steps they must take.
For example, they may obtain certification to become nursing assistants or medical assistants. For further advancement, they may return to school to gain a degree to pursue a nursing career. Their time as patient transporters provides relevant experience working within hospitals and offering excellent service and care to patients.

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