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Links are the soul of the Internet, they make it special.
That s why you need to make sure all of these links work for users of all skill levels!
So what makes a good link text? Link text also becomes a major issue when you start talking about mobile and tablet sites.
So what makes a good link text Rule 1. Don't use the word link in your links.
Screen readers tell the user when they encounter a link, so you don t need to use the words link, links to, or jump in the link text.
Rule 2: don t capitalize links
Capitalized text has no difference in shape: all words are one large rectangle. Capital letters of sentences have different shapes depending on
Rule 3: avoid ASCII characters
The specific requirement is H86: providing alternate texts for ASCII images, emoticons and lexicon, which means you need to provide alternate texts for things like emoticons.
Rule 4. Avoid using URLs as link text
Therefore, always use meaningful text as links,
Rule 5. Keep link text short
It is really a good idea to limit the length of the link text to a maximum of 30 characters. So, you can imagine that if you turned a long text into one link you can imagine how annoying it can be.
Rule 6. Limit the number of text links on the page
This is important because users see links as a form of navigation: they know they are on the wrong page, so they look for links that will take them where they want to go. If there are many links on the page, site navigation becomes much more difficult. Just be mindful of users going from link to link when you create your pages.
Rule 7. Do not post direct download links.
One thing is universal in usability testing: people hate downloads. It is even more annoying when they open a download without waiting for it.
Rule 8: Always warn the user when opening new windows
It is important to warn people that a new window has been opened, especially people who may not notice it. The best way to indicate that a link opens in a new window is to add text to the link, such as (opens in a new window).
Rule 9: arguments for underlining links
People expect links to be underlined. When they see underlined text, they expect it to be a link (which is why you should never underline text in the online world if you are not submitting a link).
Rule 10. Be careful using images as links.
There are special requirements for images that are links. The ALT attribute acts like link text. As mentioned earlier, you don t need to add the word link, and you also don t need to add the word graphics or image, because screen readers also identify images for their users.
Rule 11: remove broken or empty links
Most people use tools to find broken links on their sites, so I don t come across them often.
Rule 12: make your links consistent
Consistency is your friend. This allows your users to navigate quickly. Everything on your site must be consistent: headers, field labels, buttons, etc. Your links
Rule 13: check your color contrast
You need to make sure that your link text color contrasts sufficiently with the background color. This is necessary whether your links are underlined or not.
Link text
Avoid uninformative link phrases Links are more useful when they make sense out of context. Authors should avoid uninformative link phrases such as:
Click here
here more More details link to [link destination] Information Link length However, as a rule, links should be as short as possible without compromising meaning.
Short links
Likewise, there is no minimum allowable length for link text unless the link is empty. In most cases, links must be words or phrases. However, in some cases it may make sense to link a single character, alphabet letter, or number. For example, an alphabetical index can use each individual letter of the alphabet as a reference. The danger of using individual characters as links or using any small links (such as a 10 by 10 pixel image) is that some users will find it difficult to click on such a small area.
Empty links
Links should never be empty. They should always contain text or images with alternative text. You can follow an empty link, but it does not contain content. This can be confusing for keyboard users and screen readers.
URLs as links
Web addresses or URLs pose two types of problems: Readability Length
URLs are not always readable or screen reader friendly. Many URLs contain combinations of numbers, letters, ampersands, hyphens, underscores, and other characters that make sense for scripts and databases, but which don t make sense to the average person
Images that are the only link element MUST have alternative text. If the linked image does not have alt text, a screen reader can read the image file name or the URL that the link points to.
Link appearance
Links should look like links and nothing else should. Users can get frustrated if they try to click text phrases or images that look like links but are not. Underline

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URL shorteners make long link exchanges more manageable. Let's say you want to place a link on a business card, in an advertisement, or in another situation where the hyperlink isn't perfect. A shortened URL takes up less space, is easier to remember, and keeps your text neat.
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